At Asha Medical Clinic, we take your health and well being seriously, and in order to do our best for you, we generally ask for regular lab tests and follow up appointments.  Depending on your individual health conditions, we may require appointments as often as every three to six months.  For healthy patients who are not on any medications, we recommend a physical exam and routine labs once a year.

For our patients’ convenience, we offer a variety of laboratory testing at our practice which include but are not limited to:

Complete Blood Count, Iron Panels, Cholesterol Testing, Thyroid Testing, Fasting Glucose, Diabetes Testing, Complete Metabolic Panels (testing for liver/kidney function), Pre-operative Lab Work

Measles/Mumps/Rubella/Varicella Testing, Comprehensive STD Panels, HIV testing, Hepatitis Panel, Urinary Tract Infection Testing

Tips for Staying Well /Diet/Nutrition/Weight Loss Counseling